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How to Avoid the 6 Strikes Rule in the US

six StrikesAs of July 1st 2012 US will enforce the “six strikes” rule. Your internet traffic will be monitored so your privacy is lost. The rule is morally and legally a mess because the entertainment industry along with the internet service providers will be the only enforcer and judge of all online content.

You can be a victim of this flawed system without doing anything illegal. Luckily you can circumvent this 6 strikes rule easily and be 100% unaffected by the 6 strikes enforcement.

How can this rule be avoided?

Short answer: VPN (Virtual Private Network).  Simply put VPN makes your internet activity secure and encrypted so that you are completely anonymous online. No one will know your IP address because your sensitive web traffic is securely hidden behind thousands of IP addresses located all over the world.

No technical experience is required to connect to VPN servers because click and connect software can be used to make it super easy for you. Furthermore, say goodbye to internet limitations such as blocked websites, blocked ports and traffic shaping. You will have complete control and freedom over your internet connection.

Check out some of the best torrent VPN services I can recommend. They are fast and have a broad range of supported countries. Not only can you use VPN on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X but also your smartphone or even your router. You don’t have to be technical to set it up. Android, iPhone and other VPN setup instructions can be found here.

By the way, IPVanish is another solid VPN service which is expanding it’s supported countries steadily. Choose the L2TP or OpenVPN protocol whenever possible. If you prefer using a proxy, watch how to setup an uTorrent proxy.

So go ahead and fire up your torrent client or any other tool you use to download content. The only difference now is that you will have unrestricted access and absolute control without giving away your privacy. If you have any questions please share with us and I would be glad to help.


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