Privitize VPN Download is Adware: Do Not Install

Do not run the Privitize VPN installer, it can install adware toolbars which change your default browser search settings. You can not restore your default settings by uninstalling it, you will have to fix it manually.

The Pirate Bay have confirmed that this isn’t actually a service being offered by them directly, so who knows if there’s a data protection policy. The Pirate Bay’s involvement is simply endorsing it and gaining advertisement money from it. You have been warned, stay far away from Privitize VPN.

Keep in mind that quality, safe, ad free & unlimited VPN access is not free, but can be obtained fairly chep which is totally worth it.

If you insist on going the free route, try free methods to hide your IP address.

How to remove Privitize VPN?

If you already installed it and want to uninstall completely, follow the instructions from here.

Privitize VPN Download


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