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If you want higher privacy levels on the internet, look for a reliable VPN or anonymous proxy service that is almost entirely capable of hiding your identity and protecting your anonymity, you’ve come to the right place. Many people click and pay for the first service they see with so many VPN services to choose from.

Choosing the best VPN service for your specific needs can indeed be quite tricky. You’ll need to consider many things, such as:

  • Privacy level
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Number of servers
  • Pricing

We understand that you work hard for your money and want to help you make the best decision regarding VPN. After reading this article and our VPN reviews, you will better understand what the top-rated VPN services in the industry are.

But be careful with ‘free’ parasite VPN providers. Some of them have an outstanding presentation, but first impressions can be deceptive. There is more chance that they are dangerous than they are any good.

best VPN

Our highest-rated VPN services

1. NordVPN

The price point of this VPN service, when rated against others, makes it a great pick. It has many benefits, such as speed, reliability, and a user-friendly interface. The level of privacy of NordVPN is also one of the best in the industry as they keep no logs at all.

They allow the user to switch to a SOCKS5 proxy to get the best speeds, for example, for torrenting. Since they are based in Panama, the authorities cannot pressure them to provide data because Panama doesn’t have data retention laws. NordVPN is a widely recognized and recommended name in the industry.

2. Surfshark

Concerning value-for-money, Surfshark VPN is right there behind NordVPN. It is also swift; recently, we measured in the Netherlands a download speed of 400 Mbps with Surfshark. The privacy level is also very high, and we couldn’t detect any DNS leaks during our tests.

They are based on the British Virgin Islands, where there are no laws requiring VPN services to keep customer traffic logs. Therefore there’s no risk that Sufshark could be forced by authorities to handover logging data, as was the case with IPVanish.  An independent audit has recently confirmed Surfshark’s reliability.

You can’t access the American Netflix section from outside the US with many VPN services, but Surfshark manages to evade these Netflix blockings, like NordVPN, and you get full Netflix access. Besides that, Surfshark works excellent in China, which can not be said about many other VPN’s.

Like every good VPN service, they, of course, have a Kill-switch that can block your complete internet access when VPN drops unexpectedly. But you can also set the Kill-switch only to close specific programs in such a situation. Very flexible and user-friendly.

3. ExpressVPN

Another top VPN service is ExpressVPN. It offers a high level of security and is very stable. We didn’t experience any dropped or slow connections during the testing of this VPN service. Like all worthy VPN’s, it can hide your online traffic, allowing you to become invisible when surfing the net.

This service’s speed is very high and reliable, and it is a renowned name in the internet privacy industry.

4. IPVanish

IPVanish is a big name in the VPN industry with loads of features, excellent speed, and reliability. Besides that, the number of server options is impressive. They have hundreds of server options across the globe to choose from.

You will vanish with this VPN service, as there is no logging of any data or connections. For those reasons, it also remains one of our favorite torrent VPNs. We recommend this VPN service to anyone serious about their online privacy and looking for a customizable VPN experience.

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is an excellent service with a story; they created their VPN in response to some precise internet monitoring by the US government. Vypr offers low prices, an enormous amount of shared IP addresses, and well-designed software. VyprVPN indeed is an excellent service for most VPN users.

They offer many connectivity options, and speed testing reveals lighting fast speeds, making this VPN a perfect choice for many customers. Anyone interested in losing minimal bandwidth when connected to a VPN service should seriously consider VyprVPN. We were hard-pressed to find any negative issues.

6. PrivateVPN

With a relatively inexpensive price tag and incredibly customizable but straightforward interface, this VPN finds its place among the best in the industry. PrivateVPN offers a zero-logging policy and secure P2P connections. This makes them a torrent-friendly platform, perfect for nearly every user.

They have numerous server options across the globe, allowing for the quickest possible connection no matter where you are. We praise PrivateVPN for its focus on simplicity and anonymity, and we experienced very stable and reliable connections. We recommend PrivateVPN both for torrenting purposes and web-browsing. 

Anonymity and Security with VPN

All of these VPN services have been taken through rigorous tests to show that they are reliable and offer the best privacy levels. Most of these services provide a minimal loss of bandwidth and allow for fast internet speeds, no matter what you are doing on the web.

Avast Secureline is one of our least favorite, to say the least.

Gaining access to restricted websites, hiding your identity online, safe torrenting, and many other features are just a few clicks away with these VPN services. We highly recommend that you check them out. Recently we tested CyberGhost and VPN, and both showed outstanding results as well.

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